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Evolutionary War (2000)

MacAddict calls it "the best thinking-person's game to come out in a while." Evolutionary War is just like the classic game of chess... except for the fact that your pawns can asexually reproduce, thus generating slightly genetically altered copies of themselves, among other things. Play against the computer or a human opponent.

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OS X] [OS 9]. Learn more about Evolutionary War.

Spherules (1996)

Click on the colored balls in the correct order... if you're fast enough.

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OS X ] [OS 9]. Learn more about Spherules.

Cuboids (1997)

Defend the earth without destroying it in the process. In layman's terms... you just shoot the cubes, man.

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OS X ] [OS 9]. Learn more about Cuboids.

Warning: Spherules and Cuboids were programmed in BASIC by a child on a Mac IIvx quite a few years ago. Seriously. Keep that in mind.


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