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In the dictionary, "spherules" is a word that means "small spheres." In the real world, "Spherules" happens to be the name of a game made by PhloSoft that deals with "small spheres." That's where the similarity between dictionary spherules and PhloSoft's spherules ends though, as PhloSoft's spherules have much more complexity and depth than your standard, run-of-the-mill spherules. For example, PhloSoft's spherules have different colors, play different musical notes when you click them, and have to be clicked in a certain order and within a certain time limit. Much more than a simple geometric distraction, Spherules 2.1 is an experience that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. The kids seem to like it too.

I've been thinking about rewriting Spherules (in C or Java instead of BASIC), so please let me know if you have any interest in a new version or any suggestions.

old-school spherules info:
For those of you who enjoy playing games with extremely annoying, high-pitched sounds that play over and over again, you might want to try out some old-school Spherules -- that's right, version 1.0. The levels are exactly the same, only the graphics and sound are horrid. It's only included here because it was PhloSoft's first game ever (in fact PhloSoft was called GESoft back then, in 1996). Spherules 1.0 raked in $1.25 in shareware fees (that's 5 registered users at a quarter apiece), money that was quickly used to update the game.

Download Spherules 2.1 (OS 9 - Classic)
Download Spherules 1.0 (OS 9 - Classic)


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