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The year is 2198. As you return from a routine mission in the Andavarian region, you find Earth surrounded by hundreds of strange, alien spacecraft that you can only describe as... cuboids. Earth's forcefield is preventing the aliens from doing any damage to the planet, but it is slowly losing power each time it is hit by the weapons aboard the alien ships. You must now take on the task of ridding the solar system of these enemy craft. Your ship is equipped with an implosion cannon that will destroy the enemy ships. You must time your shots well, however, because each time one of your shots misses the cuboids, it goes past them and hits Earth, further weakening its forcefield. Good luck, for if you fail, it will surely mean the end of mankind.

beta-testers wanted:
I was working on a new version of Cuboids (written in C instead of BASIC) a while back but never finished it , and now I may try to make it an OS X game, so please let me know if you have any interest in beta-testing this new version, shown above.

old-school cuboids warning:
I was never happy with the version of Cuboids I released in 1997 and if you try to run it on any computer that's less than 2 years old, it will probably run too fast and not work correctly.

Download Cuboids 1.0 (OS 9 - Classic)


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